Our Dogs

Introducing our dogs and their personalities

Our Boy – Bondy

(Pedigree Bernloch Xcuse Me Mr Bond)

Bondy is a beautifully bred Jack Russell Terrier who has a lovely nature and personality who adores your affection. Bondy can be stubborn and has a mind of his own. He loves to run and explore with his nose, and is a very social friendly dog. He has a smooth coat, tan/white in colour with a little bit of hidden tricolour.

Our Boy – Jack

(Pedigree Stonequarry Jack)

Our boy Jack is a progeny of Roxy, he is very energetic, loves playing with the hose and chasing water, playing fetch. We look forward to introducing Jack to our breeding in the future.  He has a fine smooth coat, tan/white in colour.

Our Girl – Ruby

(Pedigree Cityjack Ruby)

Ruby has an absolutely gorgeous soft hearted girl with a lovely temperament. She loves attention on her terms, is very intelligent, playful and energetic. Ruby has some great bloodlines featuring some championship dogs. She has a smooth to slightly broken coat, tan/white in colour. 

Our Girl – Kiss

(Pedigree Jacknthebox Cold Kisses)

Kiss is our very shy girl but very affectionate , playful and loving, she is also a soft natured girl.   She is sired by the sensational Multi titled Swedish Imp Bjorsatters Peer Gynt. Kiss is truly a little gentle lady and just the most softest sweet girl. She features a lovely soft smooth coat of colour white/tan.

Our Girl – Coco Jnr

(Pedigree Cityjack White Eyelash)

Coco is full of energy, loves to climb obsticles, she would be great at agility courses where food is the reward. Coco has a soft nature, adores attention and is a very loyal companion. She features a fine smooth coat of colour white/tan. Looking forward to some beautiful puppies from her in the future.

Our Girl – Bonnie

(Pedigree Jackmeup Buttercup)

Bonnie is young and energetic, super intelligent and loves to play fetch and destroy any toy with a squeak. She has the most adorable brown eyes and beautiful features. Bonnie has a smooth coat with rich chestnut tan colour and white throughout. 

Our Girl – Roxy

(Pedigree Derringer Victoria)

Roxy is one of our original girls who is very intelligent, playful and affectionate. She features a fine smooth coat of colour tan/white. Championship bloodlines of Myrmidon. She stands at approximately 27cm tall. Roxy loves to play fetch, cuddle up on your lap, is very affectionate and enjoys hunting.

Our Girl – Coco

(Pedigree Derringer Betsy)

Coco is another of our original jacks and the sister of Roxy also from championship bloodlines in Myrmidon. She features a fine smooth coat of tan/white colour. She is very muscular in physique and stands approximately 27cm tall. Coco is a very loyal dog, loves to play and enjoys hunting in the garden.

Our Girl – Kiki

(Pedigree Stonequarry Kiki)

Kiki is the daughter from a very early litter we had from Roxy. Kiki is a lovely nature girl, very loyal and effectionate. She loves to play, especially with the puppy toys. Kiki would stand approx. 25cm in height, with a strong physique. She features a very fine smooth coat of tan/white colour.