About Us

Our Jack Russell Terriers complete our family

The place your pups come from

Every dog lover wants to know their new family member comes from a sound and supportive environment that has given them the best start in life. Having fallen in love with Jack Russells when we had our first puppy over 20 years ago, my husband and I both treasure the companionship of Jack Russell Terriers and have dedicated ourselves to acquiring in-depth knowledge and experience about the care and breeding of these lovely little hounds over the last 15 years.

We are situated in the mountain ranges of Razorback, approximately 80 kilometres southwest of Sydney at the heart of the Wollondilly region. We are in close proximity to the town of Picton which is previously where we lived. Picton was originally known as Stonequarry, which is where our breeder prefix name originates.

Our property consists of 25 acres of land for our dogs to run on and enjoy, where they love to play and hunt. Together with the loving care of our family, this fresh and open natural environment ensures our dogs and pups have the very best, healthiest and happiest of lives prior to joining your home.

All Stonequarry Jack Russell dogs and puppies are registered with Dogs NSW and the Australian National Kennel Council and we have worked steadfastly over the past 10 years as breeders to produce lovely smooth coat Jack Russell Terriers which are known for their excellent temperaments and good natures.

DNA/Genetic Testing

All Stonequarry Jack Russells have had a full breed DNA profile completed which is specific to the breed to ensure our dogs are clear of any genetic diseases.


There are several good reasons to test any breeding stock for genetic disease, but in the end each of them comes down to improving the health of the breed – and ensuring your new family member is in the best of health.