Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions and answers we get asked during enquiries.

Why a purebred?

Responsible breeders can tell you that the purebred dog is far more predictable in regard to its temperament, behaviour, appearance, size and even colour than a crossbred dog. Purebred dogs are the result of many years of selective breeding, so when you buy a purebred puppy you will know what to expect in the adult dog.

What is a Pedigree Certificate?

A Pedigree Certificate is essentially a birth certificate for your dog showing the 3-generation family tree and also proves that your dog is in fact a purebred.

What’s the difference between a Limited or Mains Registered puppy?

Limited Registration has restrictions that do not allow new owners to breed, show or export the dog. The majority of our puppies all go on Limited register, as they are sold as a pet only, unless prior arrangements to purchase on Mains.

Mains Registration entitles the new owner/s to full rights of a pedigree dog including showing at conformation exhibitions, breeding and export unless agreed conditions apply.

Do you offer transportation within Australia and Internationally?

Yes, we transport our puppies across Australia.  We use JetPets for air travel and Dog Movers for road transport. We will organise the entire transport logistics for you, or alternatively you can arrange this yourself. We offer free drop-off to Sydney airport. All transport costs are additional to the purchase of your puppy.

Are your puppies desexed?

NO, our puppies are not desexed before leaving Stonequarry at eight weeks of age. We recommend desexing of puppies at approximately 5-6 months of age. It is the responsibility of the new owner to have the puppy desexed at the appropriate time.

Advantages of Spaying your Female Jack Russell

  • You won’t have the heat cycles that come every six months when your bitch goes into heat.
  • There are many health problems that unspayed bitches can have.
  • Lowers the chance of getting mammary tumours/cancer.
  • You won’t have to worry about male dogs jumping fences to get at your terrier.
  • You won’t have the worry about puppies you never wanted and mismatings that could be life-threatening to her.

We recommend that your girl get spayed before her first heat, which normally occurs in this size bitch around six months of age. Spaying before the first heat will dramatically decrease her chances of mammary cancers and many other female disorders.

Advantages of Neutering your Male Jack Russell

  • Early neutering can immensely decrease the likelihood of marking behaviour.
  • Can make him more tolerant of other males.
  • Less tempted to escape, wander or be distracted from their family or work.
  • Will not develop testicular cancer, and the risk of prostate cancer is lowered.
  • You won’t have the worry about puppies you never wanted.

It is strongly recommended that you spay/neuter your dog unless you are planning to start a breeding program.

Do Jack Russells shed hair?

Yes, Jack Russells do shed. I tend to find the smoother, fine coat Jack Russells tend to shed less hair than those of the more broken/rough coats. Shedding of hair may get worse when the seasons change and also after bathing your dog.

Do Jack Russells bark a lot?

Jack Russells bark to communicate with you, for example when they would like to get your attention, alert you of an intruder in their territory, or when they play with each other. Generally they only bark when necessary.

Are Jack Russell Terriers good with children?

Jack Russell Terriers are great with children however must be well supervised by an adult at all times. Young children are not mature enough to differentiate between a stuffed toy and a living, breathing animal. They are not capable of controlling their impulses, and can be overly rough with a dog who will feel he needs to protect himself, usually by biting the child. Small children also move quickly, squeak, squeal, and to a dog… smell funny. All of these things can be overwhelming and frightening to an energetic terrier who is easily excited.