Our Dogs

Bloodlines and backgrounds of our dogs.

Our Boy - Zac
(Breed Name Derringer Brendan)

Zac is our stud dog of 12 years of age, he is a lovable Jack Russell Terrier who loves to hunt anthing that moves. He has a very strong, solid muscular physique, his colouring is tan/white with a little black on the tip of his tail.

Our Girl - Roxy
(Breed Name Derringer Victoria)

Roxy is one of our girls who is very intelligent, playful and affectionate. She features a fine smooth coat of colour white/tan. Championship bloodlines of Myrmidon. She stands at approximately 27cm tall. Roxy loves to play fetch, cuddle up on your lap, is very affectionate and enjoys hunting.

Our Girl - Coco
(Breed Name Derringer Betsy)

Coco is the sister of Roxy also from championship bloodlines in Myrmidon. She features a fine smooth coat of tan/white colour. She is very muscular in physique and stands approximately 27cm tall. Coco is a very loyal dog, loves to play and enjoys hunting.