Welcome to Stonequarry Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russells are a lively, alert and active Terrier with a keen, intelligent expression. These loving affectionate animals make a fantastic addition to any family.


Our girl Roxy is very intelligent, energetic and playful. She features a fine smooth coat of colour white/tan. Championship bloodlines of Myrmidon.

Roxy has recently had a litter at the end of March 2018, having five gorgeous puppies, 2 male and 3 female. These puppies will be going to families who've been on our waiting list.


Coco is the sister of Roxy also from championship bloodlines in Myrmidon. She features a fine smooth coat of tan/white colour. She is very muscular in physique.
Coco is a very loyal dog, loves to play and enjoys hunting.

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